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Figure 7

From: Factors controlling bacteria and protists in selected Mazurian eutrophic lakes (North-Eastern Poland) during spring

Figure 7

Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA) ordination diagram showing the relationships between bacteria and protists and physico-chemical variables in the euphotic zone (A) and bottom waters (B) of the studied Mazurian lakes (Abiotic variables: Temp – temperature, Oxy – dissolved oxygen, DOC – dissolved organic carbon, TP – total phosphorus, TN – total nitrogen, Chl a – chlorophyll a, TSI – trophic state index. Biotic variables: NF – nanoflagellates, HNF – heterotrophic nanoflagellates,ANF – autotrophic nanoflagellates; BP – bacterial production, CTC – respiring bacterial cells, EST – hydrolytically (esterase) active bacteria, NuCC – bacterial cells with visible integrated nucleoid; ciliate orders: Oli – Oligotrichida, Pro – Prostomatida, Hap – Haptorida, Scu – Scuticociliatida, Per – Peritrichida).

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