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Archived Comments for: Kinetics of arsenite removal by halobacteria from a highland Andean Chilean Salar

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  1. Are these isolates halobacteria?

    Terry McGenity, University of Essex

    20 November 2014

    The article includes the term ¿halobacteria¿ in the title, abstract and text, yet no evidence is provided that the isolates belong to the Class Halobacteria. The term "Halobacteria" is a formal taxonomic construct reserved for Archaea that are (nearly always) extremely halophilic and grow aerobically (Grant et al. 2001). From their cell and colony morphology, these isolates do not look like halobacteria and their 16S rRNA genes were amplified with bacterial primers.

    Clarification would be very helpful.

    Grant WD, Kamekura M, McGenity TJ, Ventosa A (2001) Class III. Halobacteria class. nov. In Bergey¿s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology 2nd ed, Volume 1: The Archaea and the Deeply Branching and Phototrophic Bacteria. Garrity G (ed.). Springer-Verlag. p. 294.

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