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Table 2 Phylogenetic affiliations of the uncultured archaea based on 16S rDNA analysis

From: Molecular identification of microorganisms associated with the brine shrimp Artemia franciscana

Sequence Clones Closest BLASTn match to NCBI nr database Identities (%) Genus [confidence value] Genbank Accession
A. Archaeal sequences obtained from GSL adult Artemia
AAC1 26 DQ367241.1 Haloterrigena limicola strain AX-7 481/485 (99) Haloterrigena[100%] KC696970-KC696994
AAC3 17 EF645686.1 Haloarcula japonica strain JCM7785 502/504 (99) Haloarcula[100%] KC696995-KC697011
AAC4 2 AJ969886.1 Uncultured archaeon, clone ss_014 330/354 (93) Natronobacterium[28%] KC697012-KC697013
AAC5 2 AJ969890.1 Uncultured archaeon, clone ss_010a 498/503 (99) Halogeometricum[53%] KC696968-KC696969
AAU9 1 EF690637.1 Uncultured haloarchaeon clone TX4CA_82 497/520 (95) Halovivax[57%] KC696967
B. Archaeal sequences obtained from GSL Artemia cysts
GAC1 10 AY510707.1 Halorubrum xinjiangense 522/524 (99) Halorubrum[100%] KC697020-KC697029
GAC2 8 EF645686.1 Haloarcula japonica strain JCM7785 522/524 (99) Haloarcula[100%] KC697030-KC697037
GAC3 6 AM269467.1 Halovivax ruber type strain XH-70 T 507/519 (97) Halovivax[89%] KC697015-KC697019
GAU1 1 AY820137.2 Haloterrigena saccharevitans strain AB14 499/524 (95) Haloterrigena[35%] KC697014
C. Archaeal sequences obtained from SFB strain Artemia cysts
SAC1 2 EF468473.1 Halorubrum tebenquichense strain JCM12290 521/524 (99) Halorubrum[100%] KC697047-KC697048
SAC2 3 AY820137.2 Haloterrigena saccharevitans strain AB14 518/524 (99) Haloterrigena[75%] KC697049-KC697051
SAC4 4 AY570917.1 “Natrinema ajinwuensis” strain AJ12 499/524 (95) Natronorubrum[81%] KC697041-KC697044
SAC5 2 DQ103672.1 Uncultured euryarchaeote clone ArcH05 479/509 (94) Halogeometricum[26%] KC697045-KC697046
SAU1 1 AJ969890.1 Uncultured archaeon clone ss_010a 378/409 (99) Halogeometricum[50%] KC697039
SAU4 1 DQ431096.1 Uncultured archaeon clone A10 458/478 (96) Halogeometricum[70%] KC697038
SAU5 1 EF632847.1 Uncultured archaeon clone Hua-w-29 300/302 (99) Halorubrum[100%] KC697040
SAU7 1 EF077641.1 Halorubrum alimentarium” strain B43 180/181 (99) Halorubrum[97%] unavailable
D. Archaeal sequences obtained from GSL water
HAC1 29 AF196290.1 Archaeon JDS-1 503/504 (99) Halogeometricum[49%] KC697052-KC697086
  1. Sequence names, number of clones, BLASTn matches with percent identity, genus assignment according to RDP Classifier with confidence values in brackets, and Genbank accession numbers are listed for all of the archaeal sequences. Part A includes sequences derived from GSL Artemia adults, Part B is sequences from GSL Artemia cysts, Part C is sequences from SFB strain Artemia cysts, and Part D shows sequences from GSL water.