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Table 1 Phylogenetic affiliations of the uncultured bacteria based on 16S rDNA analysis

From: Molecular identification of microorganisms associated with the brine shrimp Artemia franciscana

Sequence Clones Closest BLASTn match to NCBI nr database Identities (%) Genus [confidence value] Genbank Accession
A. Sequences obtained from GSL Adult Artemia
ABC1 9 DQ068937.1 Vibrio metschnikovii 627/631 (99) Vibrio[100%] KC696895-KC696903
ABC2 5 AB362696.1 Halolactibacillus halophilus 615/631 (97) Halolactibacillus[82%] KC696904-KC696906
ABC3 15 DQ351910.1 Uncultured bacterium clone JH-WH17 592/603 (98) Halomonas[100%] KC696872-KC696886
ABC4 4 AM691100.1 Uncultured “Rhodobacteraceae” 582/589 (98) Roseovarius[100%] KC696887-KC696892
ABU1 1 EU245085.1 Uncultured organism clone MAT-CR-H1-G02 629/661 (95) Alkalilimnicola[16%] KC696869
ABU4 1 AM420114.1 Uncultured alpha proteobacterium 532/532 (100) Caulobacter[98%] KC696870
ABU6 1 DQ396185.1 Uncultured organism clone ctg_NISAA81 581/587 (98) Halomonas[100%] KC696871
ABU7 1 DQ154838.1 Uncultured bacterium clone GN01-0.012 513/534 (96) Lutibacter [15%] KC696893-KC696894
B. Sequences obtained from GSL Artemia cysts
GBRC1 14 DQ462298.1 Uncultured bacterium clone e41 525/531 (98) Idiomarina[100%] KC703296-KC703308
GBRC2 4 X95527.1 SCRR701T S. costicola (strain NCIMB 701-T) 496/497 (99) Salinivibrio[100%] KC70329-KC703295
GBRU1 1 EU287134.1 Uncultured bacterium clone P13-41 406/430 (94) Marinimicrobium[96%] KC703293
GBRU2 1 EF190068.1 Uncultured Psychroflexus sp. clone GSX1 543/587 (92) Gramella[41%] KC703291
GBRU3 1 DQ157009.1 “Marinobacter haloterrigenus” strain FP2.5 488/518 (94) Marinobacter[54%] KC703292
C. Sequences obtained from SFB strain Artemia cysts
SBR1 15 X95527.1 SCRR701T S. costicola (strain NCIMB 701-T) 618/622 (99) Salinivibrio[100%] KC696910-KC696930
SBR2 3 EF177666.1 Idiomarina sp. Y24 564/565 (99) Idiomarina[100%] KC696931-KC696933
SBU1 1 EU135665.1 Lysobacter sp. YIM C734 566/596 (94) Lysobacter[75%] KC696909
SBU2 1 AF505746.1 Gamma proteobacterium UMB21A 562/566 (99) Psychrobacter[100%] KC696907
SBU3 1 AM084035.1 Acidovorax sp. R-25076 564/564 (100) Acidovorax[100%] KC696908
D. Sequences obtained from GSL water
HBRC2 4 AM691089.1 Uncultured Psychroflexus sp. isolate EG26 554/559 (99) Psychroflexus[100%] KC696938-KC696940, KC696944-KC696945
HBRC3 4 AM691089.1 Uncultured Psychroflexus sp. isolate EG26 531/546 (97) Psychroflexus[99%] KC696935-KC696937, KC696941-KC696943
HBRC4 9 EF554887.1 Halomonas sp. G27 512/527 (97) Halomonas[100%] KC696946-KC696952, KC696963-KC696966
HBRC5 7 AY862776.2 Uncultured proteobacterium clone At18AugB10 492/492 (100) Alkalilimnicola[74%] KC696953-KC696962
HBUN1 1 AY862797.2 Uncultured actinobacterium clone At12OctB10 413/418 (98) Agrococcus [59%] KC696934
  1. Sequence names, number of clones, BLASTn matches with percent identity, and genus assignment according to RDP Classifier with confidence values in brackets are listed for all of the bacterial sequences. Part A includes sequences derived from GSL Artemia adults, Part B is sequences from GSL Artemia cysts, Part C is sequences from SFB strain Artemia cysts, and Part D shows sequences from GSL water.