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Table 1 Cross dating statistics for Actinonaias ligamentina in the St. Croix River, MN

From: Effects of flow restoration on mussel growth in a Wild and Scenic North American River

      Percent of individuals validated Mean interseries R(Pearson’s)
Location Processing method Time series Optimal spline flexibility n Before quality control After quality control Before quality control After quality control
Interstate External 1998-2009 34 33 42 42* 0.567 0.567**
  Internal 1975-1994 30 49 88 100 0.261 0.570
Wild river External 1999-2009 24 35 43 43* 0.685 0.685**
  Internal 1974-1993 30 29 81 100 0.339 0.537
  1. Note: n, the number of individuals validated for each population, that is all correlations are positive and significant; Optimal Spline Flexibility, the value resulting in the highest interseries correlation for each species; * Because mussels were returned to the river after processing, no specimens could be re-evaluated after using COFECHA; ** Only those individuals that initially were validated were used in the final data set for that population.