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Table 4 Effects of Vital Wheat Gluten (VWG) or other Plant Protein (PP) sources on growth performance of different fish species

From: Use of vital wheat gluten in aquaculture feeds

Species Duration, d. Tested Protein1 Protein, %CP2 %CP in diet Lys. Supp. (% diet) iBW3(g) Main results Reference
Nile tilapia 49 FM 88 32.5 No 56.4 Highest feed efficiency and growth for FM, VWG, and SBE. No significant modifications in body composition for dry matter, protein, fat, P, and energy. Highest ash body content for DWD, SCP, and FM. [40]
VWG 32.8 34.7 No 55.6
SBM 23.9 30.5 No 55.6
SBE 34.2 35.7 No 54.3
DW 18.5 27.5 No 60.2
SCP 20.9 29.1 No 54.8
Sea bream 85 FM 95 44.8 No 41.6 Better weight gain with VWG, before FM and before SPC and CGM. Same productive protein value and higher energy retention value with VWG as with FM. [39]
VWG 88 45.1 2.10 41.2
SPC 98 43.9 No 41.7
   CGM 88 45.8 2.10 39.2   
  1. 1CP: Crude Protein; 2FM: Fish Meal; VWG: Vital Wheat Gluten; SBM: Soybean Meal; SBE: Soybean Extract; DW: Duckweed; SCP: single-cell protein; SPC: Soy Protein Concentrate; CGM: Corn Gluten Meal; 3iBW: initial Body Weight.