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Figure 1

From: Microbial community composition of Tirez lagoon (Spain), a highly sulfated athalassohaline environment

Figure 1

Chemical composition compared from diverse hypersaline lakes following the Eugster and Hardy criteria[8]. Dead Sea, brine [10], Sea water [2], Maras Saltern, brine [11], Qingai Alkali Lake, brine [12], Mono Lake, brine [13], Chaka Lake, brine [14], Atacama Lake, brine [15], Salt Lake, brine [10], Tirez Lagoon, sediment and brine from present study (multiple samples represent different depths or different seasons), Cuatro Cienengas Basin, brine [16], Discovery Basin, brine [17], L’Atalante, Thetis and Bannock basins [18] and Silver Lake playa lake [19].

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