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Figure 5

From: The structure of winter phytoplankton in Lake Nero, Russia, a hypertrophic lake dominated by Planktothrix-like Cyanobacteria

Figure 5

Plots of the two principal components (PCA) resulting from biotic and abiotic parameters for all samples. Above - PCA sample scores labeled by number of the sample. Below PCA loading. Abiotic parameters*: NH4 – ammonium nitrogen; NO3 – nitrate nitrogen; P total – Total phosphorus; Ice – the thick of the ice; O2 – oxygen concentrations; Water level – the level of the water. Biotic parameters: B cyan.% - the percent Cyanophyta from total biomass; B flag.% - the percent Euglenophyta and Cryptophyta flagellates from total biomass; Chl – a – chlorophill a concentrations, B total – Total Biomass.

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