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Figure 5

From: Impact of TBT on the vitellogenesis and sex hormones in freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii (De Man, 1879)

Figure 5

(A) Section through ovary (control) showing vitellogenic oocytes (VO) with yolk globules (Yg) and encircled by a row of follicle cells (FC). (B) At 10 ng/l TBT exposure, ovary show reduction in the yolk globules (↑Yg) and disruption of the follicle cells (↑ FC). (C) Ovary showing the fusion of developing oocytes (↑ DO) and disassociation of the follicle cells (↑ FC) at 100 ng/l TBT exposure, (D) At 1000 ng/l TBT exposure, ovary showing the degradation of connective tissues (CT), loss of follicle cells (↑ FC) and abundance of immature oocytes (↑ IO). Note the reduction in the number of developing oocytes in the treated ovary compared to control (n = 3). Bar: 50 μm.

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