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Table 3 Putative identification of isolated bacteria from La Sal de Rey, Texas, USA.

From: Phenotypic characterization and 16S rDNA identification of culturable non-obligate halophilic bacterial communities from a hypersaline lake, La Sal del Rey, in extreme South Texas (USA)

Isolate No. Closest Species Identity (%) Confidence Level
A1 Bacillus fastidiosis 95.3 Genus
A2Y Bacillus flexus 87.4 No match
A2D Bacillus oleronius 96.1 Genus
A3 Bacillus oleronius 95.8 Genus
A4 Pseudomonas fulva 98 Genus
A7 Bacillus megaterium 99.9 Species
A8 Exiguobacterium acetylicum 92.1 No match
A9 Bacillus oleronius 95.3 Genus
A10 Pseudomonas fulva 98 Genus
A11R Halomonas aquamarina 99.2 Species
A12 Bacillus oleronius 95.3 Genus
A13W Bacillus thuringiensis 99.9 Species
A13Y Bacillus horikoshii 99.1 Species
A14 Exiguobacterium acetylicum 92.1 No match
A15 Bacillus firmus 97.8 Genus
A16 Bacillus oleronius 95.3 Genus
A17 Exiguobacterium acetylicum 92.1 No match
A18 Halomonas aquamarina 99.1 Species
A19 Planococcus citreus 99.1 Species
A20 Exiguobacterium acetylicum 92.1 No match
B1 Bacillus circulans 65.4 Genus
B2 Bacillus firmus 97.8 Genus
B3 Vibrio alginolyticus 97.8 Genus
B5R Halomonas aquamarina 98.7 Genus
B17 Paenibacillus curdlanolyticus 87.4 No match
B18 Vibrio alginolyticus 98.1 Genus
C1 Bacillus firmus 97.7 Genus
C2 Bacillus firmus 97.7 Genus
C3 Bacillus firmus 97.7 Genus
C4 Bacillus firmus 97.7 Genus
C5 Bacillus firmus 97.8 Genus
C6 Bacillus firmus 97.8 Genus
C7 Bacillus firmus 97.8 Genus
C8 Bacillus firmus 97.8 Genus
C9 Bacillus firmus 97.8 Genus
C10 Bacillus firmus 97.8 Genus
D12 Bacillus oleronius 95.8 Genus