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Figure 9

From: Influence of zinc on the calcium carbonate biomineralization of Halomonas halophila

Figure 9

XRD measurements of mineralized inorganic phases in media without (−Zn2+) and with (+Zn2+) zinc acetate supplementation. Bacteria in media without Zn-acetate supplementation and at all Ca-acetate concentrations mineralize only calcite after 7 days of cultivation. Samples mineralized 21 days have various calcium carbonate phases. In medium with 0.3% Ca-acetate calcite (C) is the only mineralized crystal form while for 0.4% Ca-acetate a small amount of vaterite (V) was detected in addition. In the medium containing 0.2% Ca-acetate monohydrocalcite (M) was precipitated. Media with Zn-acetate supplementation and 0.2% as well as 0.4% Ca-acetate mineralized monohydrocalcite and vaterite after 7 and 21 days of cultivation. In samples from 0.3% Ca-acetate only vaterite was formed.

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