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Table 6 Summary of Inuit interviewee information and observations of killer whale attacks on phocid seals, and observations of dead seals that were killed by killer whales.

From: Prey items and predation behavior of killer whales (Orcinus orca) in Nunavut, Canada based on Inuit hunter interviews

Observations and information on killer whale attacks on phocid seals    Region   
  Foxe Basin Hudson Bay North Baffin South Baffin Total
Interviewees reporting first-hand observations 4 1 2 5 12
Interviewees reporting second-hand observations and stories   1   3 4
Interviewees providing descriptions of attacks and attack methods    2 4 6
Killer whales:      
   ...throw live ringed seals in the air with their tails    2   2 harp seals in all directions when they are pursued     1 1
   ...wash seals (ringed and harp) off of ice floes     4 4
Interviewees reporting dead seals that were killed by killer whales 1   1   2
Interviewees providing descriptions of dead seals 1   1   2
Hunters find:      
   ...dead ringed seals with bite marks 1     1
   ...dead harp seals that are partially eaten    1   1