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Table 4 Sequence accession no.s of Dunaliella and other strains from NCBI database included in present study.

From: Phenotypic and genetic characterization of Dunaliella (Chlorophyta) from Indian salinas and their diversity

Strain ITS Accession No. rbcL Accession No.
D tertiolecta CCAP 19/27 EF473748  
D tertiolecta ATCC 30929 EF473742  
D tertiolecta SAG 13.86 EF473738  
D tertiolecta Dtsi EF473730  
D tertiolecta CCMP 1302   DQ313205
D tertiolecta UTEX 999   DQ313203
D peircei/D viridis UTEX 2192   DQ313196
D primolecta DQ116745 DQ173090
D primolecta   AB127992
D primolecta UTEX 1000   DQ313198
D parva DQ116746  
D parva/D viridis UTEX 1983   AJ001877
D bioculata UTEX 199 DQ377086 DQ313195
D bioculata   AB127991
D salina Dsge EF473732  
D salina SAG 42.88 EF473741  
Dunaliella sp. hd10 DQ116747  
D salina Ds18S3 FJ360758  
D salina Ds18S1 FJ360756  
D salina/D viridis CCAP 19/3 (UTEX 200) EF473744 DQ313197
D salina CCAP 19/18 EF473746 GQ250046
D viridis CONC 002 DQ377098 DQ313206
Dunaliella sp. ABRIINW M1/2 EU927373  
Dunaliella sp. SPMO 200-2 DQ377106 DQ313211
Dunaliella sp. SPMO 600-1 DQ377120 DQ313218
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii AB511842  
Paulschulzia pseudovolvox   D86837