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Figure 2

From: Phenotypic and genetic characterization of Dunaliella (Chlorophyta) from Indian salinas and their diversity

Figure 2

DIC microscopic images of different Dunaliella isolates. (a) Dunaliella sp. S086 (Tuticorin salt pan), (b) & (c) D. salina S089 (CMFRI old strain), (d) D. viridis? S115 (Chennai salt pan), (e) & (f) Dunaliella sp. S118 (Nellore salt pan), (g) & (h) Dunaliella sp. S121 (Pulicat lake), (i) D. viridis? S122 (Goa salt pan), (j) Dunaliella sp. S125 (Goa salt pan), (k) Dunaliella sp. S133 (Kutch salt pan), (l) & (m) D. salina S135 (Calicut marine isolate), (n) Dunaliella sp. S147 (Kutch salt pan), (o) & (p) D. salina CS265 (Australian reference strain). In brackets given the origin of isolates. (c) & (m) orange red cells of Indian isolates of D. salina (S089 & S135) grown at 4.5 M NaCl concentration. (f) & (h) large yellow green cells of S118 and S121 at 4.5 M NaCl. (p) Reference strain D. salina CS265 at 2.5 M NaCl turning orange. Scale bar given – 5 μm.

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