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Figure 1

From: A revision of Artemia biodiversity in Macaronesia

Figure 1

Group centroids of the populations studied for the first two discriminant functions resulting from the discriminant analysis on female morphometric variables. Macaronesian Artemia populations: Guatiza, El Río, Tenefé, Janubio (A. parthenogenetica) and Santa María, Pedra Lume, Sal Rei, Médano (A. franciscana) were compared with other Artemia populations (5 diploid A. parthenogenetica, 2 tetraploid A. parthenogenetica, 2 bisexual A. salina and 5 bisexual A. franciscana) chosen for every native species from locations neighbouring the Macaronesian Islands in Spain, Portugal and Morocco [20, 35]. American populations from San Francisco Bay (California, USA) and Great Salt Lake (Utah, USA) are used as reference populations for the invasive species A. franciscana.

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