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Table 6 Results of the pathway discovery analysis indicating proteins activated in the AtHKT1;1 network based on microarray analysis of cross-talk between jasmonate and ethylene signalling in Arabidopsis seedlings using pathway studio 9

From: In silico analysis of high affinity potassium transporter (HKT) isoforms in different plants

Protein Function
Hda1 Encodes a histone deacetylase involved in jasmonic acid and ethylene-dependent pathogen resistance
MJB20.9 Protein kinase super protein amino acid phosphorylation
ATCHX23 Member of a putative Na+/H + antiporter family
F22G5.23 Arabidopsis thaliana sterol 4-alpha-methyl-oxidase mRNA
EMB2753 Embryo development ending in seed dormancy
T1N24.12 Protein amino acid phosphorylation
T10O24.5 Encodes SIN3-like 6, a homologue of the transcriptional repressor
KCO4 Encodes AtTPK4, a member of the Arabidopsis thaliana K + channel family of AtTPK/KCO proteins
AT5G08415 Radical SAM superfamily protein; FUNCTIONS IN: 4 iron, 4 sulphur cluster binding, lipoic acid
F25P12.2 Hydroxyproline-rich glycoprotein family protein
MXE10.7 N-acetyltransferase activity metabolic process
T4P13.22 Encodes an SNF1-related protein kinase that physically interacts with the SCF subunit SKP1/ASK1 and the 20S proteosome subunit PAD1. It can also interact with PRL1 DWD-containing protein. Based on in vitro degradation assays and cul4cs and prl1 mutants, there is evidence that AKIN10 is degraded in a proteasome-dependent manner and that this depends on a CUL4-PRL1 E3 ligase