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Table 5 In silico synteny indicated known upstream and downstream loci of HKT isoforms in rice using the Gramene database

From: In silico analysis of high affinity potassium transporter (HKT) isoforms in different plants

Locus down stream Locus Upstream GENE
Os01g20160 skc1 Os01g20120 near skc1 OsHKT1;5
Os02g07830 Na transporter Os02g07760 SSADH OsHKT1;3
   Os02g07780 AK062651.1
   Os02g07790 CTR1
Os04g51830 HKT1;4 Os04g51820 HKT1;1 OsHKT1;4
Os04g51950 Kinase   
  (TAP)- kinase Os06g48520 putative NB-ARC domain- OsHKT2;1
Os06g48650 Protease Os06g48590 (TAP)- kinase
   Os06g48770 Serine βlactamse family OsHKT2;4