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Figure 2

From: In silico analysis of high affinity potassium transporter (HKT) isoforms in different plants

Figure 2

Gene arrangement revealed by in silico synteny analysis of different HKT homologues in rice (A to D), Arabidopsis thaliana (E) and Physcomotrell patens (F) along the chromosome. The red colour indicates HKT homologues along a chromosome, and there are several loci (blue colour), which are largely unidentified, near HKTs. The red loci on chromosome 6 of rice are Os06g48800.1 (HKT2;4) and Os06g48810.1 (HKT2;1). On chromosome 4, Os04g51820.2 and OS04g51830.3 are HKT1;1, and OS04g51830.1 is HKT1;4. On chromosome 2, Os02g 07820.1 is HKT1;3, and on chromosome 1, Os01g34850.1 is HKT2;3. In Arabidopsis thaliana, AT4g10310.1 is HKT1;1, and in Physcomotrell patens, Pp1s63_164v6.1 is HKT1.

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