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Table 2 PAR power transmitted to algae and electrical power generated by crystalline silicon solar cells

From: Efficient conversion of solar energy to biomass and electricity

Filter PAR power transmitted to algae (W.m−2) Power generated by crystalline silicon (W.m−2) Additional PAR power generated by LED (W.m−2) Total PAR power (W.m−2)
None 431.03 0 0 431.03
LEE 026 Bright red 71.8 121.13 72.68 144.48
LEE 363 Special medium blue 47.08 151.52 90.92 138
LEE 128 Bright pink 147.97 48.93 29.36 177
Black (absorbs all light) 0 239.85 143.92 143.92
  1. The additional PAR power produced by an LED with an EQE of 60% has also been calculated. The Total PAR Power is the sum of the PAR transmitted to the algae and the PAR generated by the LEDs.