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Table 1 Descriptions of mammal and bird behavior codes

From: Interactions of marine mammals and birds with offshore membrane enclosures for growing algae (OMEGA)

Code Category Description
1 Feeding Masticating food items on or in contact with the PBR
2 Walking Ambulating, crawling, hopping, hauling out (mammals) or flying across PBR (birds)
3 Resting Perching (birds), sleeping, sitting, or floating motionless on top of PBR
4 Grooming Preening feathers (birds), or rubbing fur (mammals)
5 Social behavior Preening, beak fighting, and food parasitism (birds), or vocalization with another animal or group of animals interacting on the PBR
6 Investigative, or potentially harmful Directly pecking, biting, rolling, or investigating PBR or associated tethers and buoys
7 Unspecified contact, or manipulation Swimming underneath, or unspecified behavior associated with PBR