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Table 4 GenBank accession numbers and similarities to GenBank records of ITS sequences obtained in this study

From: Molecular (PCR-DGGE) versus morphological approach: analysis of taxonomic composition of potentially toxic cyanobacteria in freshwater lakes

Taxa Range of similarity to sequences from the same taxon published in GenBank database Accession numbers
Microcystis spp. 98–99% KF207563, KF207564, KF207583
Synechococcus-like/Cyanobium-like 70–99% KF207565, KF207573, KF207574, KF207576, KF207577, KF207579, KF207580
Cuspidothrix issatschenkoi 97% KF207588
Dolichospermum spp. (Anabaena spp.) 93–99% KF207559, KF207560, KF207561, KF207562, KF207589
Pseudanabaenaceae 92–96% KF207566, KF207567, KF207570
Planktothrix spp. 98–100% KF207558, KF207572, KF207591, KF207592
Leptolyngbya spp. 86–90% KF207568, KF207575, KF207586
Uncertain and unassigned sequences
Aphanizomenon spp./Planktothrix spp. 73–100% KF207581, KF207582, KF207590
Phormidium spp./Pseudanabaenaceae 92–94% KF207571, KF207585
Romeria spp. 92% KF207569
Unassigned   KF207578, KF207579, KF207584, KF207587