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Table 3 Comparison of cyanobacterial taxa identified in the microscopic analysis with results from sequencing of excised bands in the DGGE-ITS analysis

From: Molecular (PCR-DGGE) versus morphological approach: analysis of taxonomic composition of potentially toxic cyanobacteria in freshwater lakes

Microscopic analyses DGGE-ITS
Coccoid Coccoid
Snowella spp.  
Woronichinia spp.  
Chroococcus spp.  
Aphanothece spp.  
Microcystis spp. Microcystis
Aphanocapsa spp.  
Coelosphaerium spp.  
Merismopedia spp.  
Cyanodictyon spp.  
Lemmermanniella pallida  
Rhabdoderma lineare  
Synechococcus-like/Cyanobium-like Synechococcus/Cyanobium (?)
Filamentous Filamentous
Aphanizomenon spp. Aphanizomenon (?)
Cuspidothrix issatschenkoi Cuspidothrix issatschenkoi
Dolichospermum spp. Dolichospermum spp.
Limnothrix spp. Pseudanabaenaceae
Planktolyngbya limnetica Pseudanabaenaceae
Pseudanabaena spp. Pseudanabaenaceae
Romeria gracilis Romeria (?)
Planktothrix spp. Planktothrix
  Phormidium (?)
  1. Question marks in parentheses indicate taxa whose occurrence was uncertain, because their sequences were also similar to that of another taxa or to uncultured cyanobacteria.