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Figure 5

From: Benthic infaunal community structuring in an acidified tropical estuarine system

Figure 5

Canonical correspondence analysis (CCA) ordination diagrams for infaunal species abundance data (occurred >1% of total abundance). Species scores along the first and second axes in relation to environmental variables. Sediment parameters reported in Hossain et al. [26] were used. Environmental data were square root/ log transformed as necessary. The environmental variables are shown as line vectors, and the directions of which are obtained from the correlation of the variable to the axes. Species: sp1 = Neanthes sp; sp2 = Onuphis conchylega; sp3 = Nereididae sp.2; sp4 = Amphipoda sp.1; sp5 = Capitellidae sp.1; sp6 = Cyclopoida sp.; sp7 = Goniada sp.; sp8 = Nereididae sp. 3; sp9 = Prionospio sp.; sp10 = Amphipoda sp.1; sp11 = Potamilla leptochaeta, sp12 = Pilargidae sp.; sp13 = Sternaspis scutata; sp14 = Spionidae sp.; sp15 = Harpacticoida sp.

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