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Table 1 A comparison of the properties of

From: Microbial life at high salt concentrations: phylogenetic and metabolic diversity

  Salinibacter Halobacteriaceae
Salt requirement >150 g/l >150 g/l in most species
Salt optimum 150–300 g/l 200–250 g/l in most species
G+C % in DNA 66.2 59–71; 46.9 in Haloquadratum walsbyi
Osmotic solute KCl KCl
Enzymes Salt-requiring and salt-tolerant Mostly salt-requiring
Lipids Bacterial, including unusual sulfonolipids Archaeal
Carotenoid pigments C-40 substituted carotenoid ('salinixanthin') C-50 bacterioruberins
Retinal pigments Bacteriorhodopsin ('xanthorhodopsin'), halorhodopsin (not yet proven to be functional), sensory rhodopsins Bacteriorhodopsin, halorhodopsin, sensory rhodopsins (in many but not in all species)