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Table 2 P-levels of significance of the Mann-Whitney U paired test for comparisons between disturbed and re-established conditions in a given month.

From: Response of biotic communities to salinity changes in a Mediterranean hypersaline stream

  combined habitats
  J3–J4 O3–O4
Organic matter sediments ** n.s.
Biomass primary producers   
Ruppia maritima n.s. **
Cladophora glomerata n.s. **
Epipelic algae n.s. **
Macroinvertebrate community parameters   
number of taxa ** *
number of families n.s. n.s.
number of diptera species ** n.s.
number of coleoptera species n.s. n.s.
log (abundance +1) n.s. n.s.
Margalef's index n.s. *
evenness n.s. n.s.
Shannon's diversity index n.s. *
Simpson's diversity index n.s. n.s.
  1. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01