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Table 1 Promoter comparison

From: NhaD type sodium/proton-antiporter of Halomonas elongata: a salt stress response mechanism in marine habitats?

promoter Organism -35 region Spacer -10 region
σ70 nhaD putative H. elongata aTGACg 18 TAgAAT
σ70 ectA putative H. elongata TTGAaA 18 TATgAT
σ70 consensus E. coli TTGACA 16–18 TATAAT
rpoH nhaD putative H. elongata tcGAAA 15 gCaATaT
rpoH consensus E. coli CTGAAA 11–16 CCCATnT
  1. Comparison of putative H. elongata promotor elements and E. coli consensus sequences for σ70 and rpoH dependent promoters: The putative σ70 ectA promoter was found by Göller [24], and recent umpublished Data from our group). Consensus sequences are according to the review of Wösten [23]. Bases identical to the consensus sequence are given in upper case, differing bases in lower case. Note that the undefined nucleotide (n) in the rpoH consensus and its equivalent are also given in lower case.