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Figure 8

From: NhaD type sodium/proton-antiporter of Halomonas elongata: a salt stress response mechanism in marine habitats?

Figure 8

NhaD expression in H. elongata. nhaD expression in H. elongata in complex Medium at different salinities: An overnight culture of H. elongata in K complex medium (5% salinity (w/v) (500 mM)) was transferred to the same medium at 2% (diamonds, 333 mM), 5% (circles, 833 mM) and 10% (1666 mM) salinity (w/v) (triangles/solid column) giving hypoosmotic, equiosmotic and hyperosmotic conditions respectively. Errors for mean of triplicate measurements is given. While growth curves and growth rates are similar, nhaD expression differs drastically for different media. After 10 minutes (lag-phase) expression levels are the same under hypo- and equiosmotic conditions. It increases by a factor of four under hyperosmotic conditions. In the logarithmic growth phase nhaD expression levels decrease for all media.

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