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Table 3 Characteristic anion composition of all extreme environments where Artemia franciscana has been reported in the Colombian Caribbean. (Gz: Galerazamba saltwork, SC: Salina Cero lagoon, Kan: Kangarú salt pond, PC: Pozos Colorados saltwork, Tay: Chengue salt pond in the Tayrona Natural National Park, Ma: Manaure saltwork, BH: Bahía Hondita saltern, Pu: Pusheo saltern, Warrego was dried, thus not in table) (units in g/l).

From: Determination of biological and physicochemical parameters of Artemia franciscana strains in hypersaline environments for aquaculture in the Colombian Caribbean

Anions Gz SC Kan PC Tay Ma BH Pu
Cl- 55.00 11.86 8.00 60.00 75.00 137.50 11.50 35.00
SO42- 12.90 3.36 * 3.47 3.78 11.14 8.24 3.98
HCO3- 0.11 0.19 0.14 0.29 0.97 0.23 0.11 0.21
CO32- * * 0.176 * * * * *
  1. * Below detection limit.
  2. Note: Ionic concentrations represent one single sample per pond or salt concentration basin at the sites where Artemia was reported and must not be used for comparison purposes (between locations), since ionic concentration might vary periodically especially in managed (saltworks with several concentration levels as well as different viscosities in the system) compared to unmanaged ecosystems (single evaporation basin).