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Table 1 UV irradiation (30 J/m2)-inducible recombination- and DNA metabolism genes in Halobacterium sp. NRC-1.

From: UV irradiation induces homologous recombination genes in the model archaeon, Halobacterium sp. NRC-1

Functional category Gene number Gene name Fold Induction   Predicted function
    1 hr 3 hr  
recombination VNG2473 radA1 7.4 6.4 Rad51/RecA recombinase
  VNG2160 rfa3 1.5a 1.5a RPA41 homolog, contains Zn- finger motif
  VNG2162 rfa8 1.5a 1.5a RPA32 homolog
  VNG2163 ral 1.5a 1.5a RPA linked ORF
  VNG2167 dbp 1.9 1.4 Superfamily I helicase, DNA binding protein eukaryotic-like
  VNG0779 arj1 1.4 1.5 RecJ like exonuclease
DNA VNG1644 nrdJ 2.8 3.1 class II ribonucleoside reductase
metabolism VNG1642 Vng1642 3.5 4.3 Unknown, contains Zn- finger motif
  1. aFold induction after irradiation with 70 J/m2.