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Figure 3

From: UV irradiation induces homologous recombination genes in the model archaeon, Halobacterium sp. NRC-1

Figure 3

Whole genome microarray hybridization results comparing UV-irradiated cells to control cells. Irradiated cells received a UV-C dose of 30 J/m2 and incubated in the dark for 1 h (upper panel) and 3 h (lower panel). Control cells were treated exactly the same except for UV-irradiation. For each ORF represented on the array, the logarithm of the hybridization ratio of UV-irradiated cells (Cy5-labeled cDNA) to control cells (Cy3-labeled cDNA) is displayed in black marks on the y axis. The location of ORFs within the entire 2.6-megabase genome maps on the x axis. Expression ratios of selected genes are indicated.

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